MBA Internships

One of the missions of the Military Veterans Club is to ensure that every veteran secures a summer internship and eventually a full-time job.  This is accomplished through an internal mentorship program and by utilizing our extensive veterans network throughout a variety of business sectors.  This year, student veterans from the Class of 2016 secured internships at:


Breakdown of Industries

Deciding to leave the military is in itself daunting because there are so many unknowns that make it difficult to chose a new career path.  A lot of times, veterans chose to go to business school to alleviate this stress because they think they can use the two years to figure out exactly which career field works best for them.  Unfortunately, a lot of industries begin recruiting only two weeks after the start of the fall semester which doesn't leave any time to discover what industry best suits you.  For this reason, we came up with a comprehensive breakdown of each industry to help you focus your research and attention before you even arrive.



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