In the military we learned that backwards planning is a vital part of the success of any given mission.  Entrepreneurship is very similar in the sense that mitigating risks through a thorough understanding of the industry and business itself are essential if a start up is to have any chance of success.  Developing business plans, researching markets, and creating the right team for the given task is essential to receive funding from Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, or Hedge Funds.  NYU Stern believes that there is only so much one can learn about entrepreneurship in a classroom environment and is dedicated to maximizing a students opportunities to learn through hands on experience. To establish a strong baseline, Stern has an array of professors with a great deal of practical experience that teach the principles of success.  On the experience side, Stern offers an array of internship opportunities through its strong network in everything from technology to fashion.  Once students have an idea, a strong business model, and committed partners, they are further assisted by the school as it provides a stipend to allow them to work on starting up their business all summer.  In addition to their summer experiences, many students interested in entrepreneurship also intern all four semesters they are enrolled in classes.  Many gain experience at Angel Investment groups, Venture Capital firms, and Start-Ups, something made only possible by Stern’s proximity.  

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