About the Club

NYU Stern's Military Veteran Club (MVC) is an open and inclusive environment regardless of prior rank, rating/MOS, or branch of service.  The goal of the club is to bring the Stern military community together through a series of events and treks and to ever strengthen the bonds between the current student-veteran and alumni-veteran network.

Learn More About NYU Stern

Stern and the Military Veterans Club will be co-hosting the annual Stern Military Veterans Summit for Prospective Students in the fall of 2019. For more details and registration information, visit the NYU Stern Military website.

NYU's Stern School of Business is more than just a top ranked business school.  Located in downtown Manhattan, it provides students the opportunity to take advantage of all of the global aspects the city has to offer while also embodying a uniquely collaborative culture.  Stern School of Business will provide you with an unrivaled experience and education.  To find out more about the different programs please visit the NYU Stern website.

Current Board Members of the MVC


Sam Daly, USMC | Jeff Battipaglia, USMC

vp of admissions

Scott Garino, USA | Ari Schiff, USMC

Curtis Koszuta, USA

vp of careers - Banking

Michael Maniaci, USA | Greg Hacholski, USA

vp of careers - Consulting

Sebastian Calvo, USMC | Manraj Parmar, USA

Steven Convery, USA 

vp of careers - Tech/media

Tom Lopez, USA | Zach Powell, USAF

Pat Phillips, USA 

vp of Community

Michael White, USA

vp of Events

Yusen Guo, USCG | Jordan Callahan, USAF

Joseph Revier, USMC

VP of Finance and Communications

LeChun Wang, USA | Beau Gresham, USA

VP of Part-time Langone

LeChun Wang, USA