Recruiting on the international business track is a little different than most other pipelines.  There is not a general job listing for "international business" so you will still need to determine the career track that you want to pursue (i.e. finance, consulting, management, etc) before you decide which region of the world to work.  There are some opportunities that come through the Office of Career Development and they are always available to help utilize the school's network to pursue this field on your own.  As a result, there is not a significant time commitment to formal recruiting, but engaging and networking with contacts through one of the associated professional clubs is an important part of being hired into a desired role and region.  The Emerging Markets Association and the Social Entrepreneurship Association also have a number of employment opportunities come through that will allow you to focus on more niche roles in smaller businesses, but those are all at the needs of the company and generally announced as the needs arise.

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