Many large corporations have developed “MBA Leadership Rotational Programs” that are utilized to select and train the future senior managers of an organization. These programs can take many forms and often involve extensive international travel and opportunities to live and work abroad. These programs are a great fit for transitioning veterans as it allows them to capitalize on their extensive leadership experience while quickly developing practical business knowledge in a structured environment.  Typically, MBA students that are selected into these programs will spend 1-2 years after graduation rotating through multiple functions within a specific company. For example, during the rotational time, people can work within marketing, operations, finance and sales, spending a few months in each. Often times, this involves leading a small team and accomplishing a specific project. In military terms, its like being a platoon commander within a larger company or battalion.  After that time is over, candidates who successfully complete the program can then select the functional group that they are most successful in and will be placed in a leadership position within that group. The intent is that people within these programs will quickly rise through the ranks and become senior manager of the company.  Most Fortune 500 companies offer a version of an “MBA Leadership Rotational Program” and veterans are often well qualified for these positions. 

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