For real estate enthusiasts, New York City is the largest market in the world, with investment opportunities becoming more diverse and competitive each day.  Through the Stern Real Estate Club, students have the chance to meet with prominent real estate entities in the city, tour sites, and go through extensive professional workshops.  Most MBA candidates recruit into one of the following three areas within the real estate industry: investment and acquisitions, development, or capital markets.  In investment and acquisitions, it does not matter if you end up at a boutique or a giant asset manager, MBA’s join investment teams and source, analyze and recommend potential deals for investment, as well as handle the disposition of properties at a later stage.  In development, you focuses more on project management including construction, renovation and repositioning of properties. Development teams also handle the entitlement process in value added investments.  Finally, in capital markets, you would be responsible for raising capital either through equity or debt from private and public investors. The Capital Markets team’s work is more finance focused and is a great option for those interested in finance and real estate.

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